I want to talk about the use of numberology and how the illuminati and other gnostic groups worship the use of numberology. To understand it I am going to look at some definitions of what numberology is:

Number definitions

There are no set definitions for the meaning of specific digits.
Common examples include:

1. Individual. Aggressor. Yang.
2. Balance. Union. Receptive. Yin.
3. Communication/interaction. Neutrality.
4. Creation.
5. Action. Restlessness.
6. Reaction/flux. Responsibility.
7. Thought/consciousness.
8. Power/sacrifice.
9. Highest level of change. - wikipedia

Numerology is any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. -wikipedia

I'd like you to pay attention to definition 8 that links numberology to power/sacrifice. What has this got to do with numbers? Well, people of occult religions believe in numberology and use it in occult sacrifices. So that the date of a person's death will relate to a certain number that seems to be a recurring thing. I believe through studies that the illuminati worship the number 7. 7 days in a week etc, so perhaps this number is significant to them. The reason I believe they 'worship' the number 7 is if we look at some very suspicious deaths in the entertainment industry and see if it looks like there is a recurring pattern going on. Tupac Shakur's death is the most significant related to the number 7, he released an album called the 7 day theory. In which he was displayed on the cover, crucified upon a cross depicting Jesus. Tupac then was killed on september 7th, 1996. Which lead many people to believe that he faked his own death because of the close reference to 7 2pac's death had but I strongly believe that 2pac is not alive and that he did not fake his death, he was murdered by the illuminati as a sacrifice to satan. His death was no coincidence, his death lined up to the number 7 because they were using the worship of numberology as a sacrificial killing.

Now, I want to show you some dates of other celebrities and tell me if you see something significant. Tupac Shakur died at age 25- 2+5=7. He died on september 7th. Lisa Left eye Lopes died April 25, 2002. Aaliyah died August 25, 2001. James Brown died December 25, 2006. Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009. All these celebrities died on the 25th 2+5=7. Coincidence? No, all these deaths were sacrifical numberological killings. Blood sacrifices are a very real thing in the music industry and the truth is most celebrities know about the blood sacrifices because they were made sell there soul to the music industry by signing a contract, agreeing to do everything and anything they are told. They are persuaded into it by there hunger for fame and money and when they sing the contract there is no backing out. When a celebrity starts to uncover hidden truths or maybe the higher they go in the industry the more is revealed to them about the sacrifical killings and the occult practices and when they aren't down with it, they start wanting to get to have freedom- much like I spoke about eminem, who is so caught up in the industry he describes it as being 'married to the game' in a contract he cannot divorce. He has tried to retire and he is not allowed to.

Something even more interesting is I believe Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur both were in the know of the illuminati, tupac more so because after he was framed by the illuminati for rape as a setup or a 'warning'. 2pac released his album Killuminati, in which he wrote the song 'they dont give a f* about us'. Where 2pac raps 'some say expect illuminati take my body to sleep...'. 2pac was exposing the illuminati and shouting out killuminati which he claimed meant he was 'killing this illuminati s*'. 2pac was making too much noise and obviously the warning of prison wasn't enough to keep him hush, so he was murdered for not doing what he was told. Michael Jackson's story is very much alike, he released the song 'they dont care about us' pretty much the same as 2pac. They are both speaking of the illuminati and songs like this make people think who doesn't care? So, the slight chance of someone knowing the truth is too much for the higher-ups. They sent Michael his warnings by trying to frame his a paedophile but he was never found guilty. The first thing they want to do is ruin a celebrities reputation then when the time comes, they can murder them and make it seem like the celebrity overdosed or it was an accident because of there wild lifestyle. Michael and Tupac were both murdered by the illuminati and so were these other celebrities. Either as satanic sacrifices to satan for more wealth or as a cover up to stop someone speaking out against them.

The deaths and times, numberology links are far too accurate and recurring to call coincidence. I believe there are artists today being setup for murder because of there reluctance to obey what the industry says. DMX for example, he is currently being framed and is having his celebrity status ruined because he has for sometime now said he has 'problems' with the music industry and has recently been talking about how he has found God and managed to escape the demons of his past life. These artists that start to wake up are being murdered and I believe he could be next, I do not wish this on anyone but we must keep him in our prayers and just watch and see what happens next.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog then I would suggest you to watch this 11 part series I found on youtube called The Music Industry Exposed. It is a very in depth and descriptive series that touches on all the things I have spoke about in this blog, including 2pac and michael jackson and also the rain man, watch it out to find out more, you can click the second part once this one is over. Don't hesitate and open your eyes and ears, don't just listen to the song but read the lyrics....

Thanks for reading